by Matchfixers

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sort-of audible songs recorded while deadlines loomed using an acoustic guitar and GarageBand


released January 16, 2014

piano/guitar/voice - JF
drums/cheering/boos - GarageBand
artwork - JF



all rights reserved


Matchfixers Bath, UK

JF + HM forever

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Track Name: Alternative Rock #1 Hit Single
I thought I could make it work
I thought I could be doomed, romantic
But now I can't shake off all of these bad habits

Gift me situations that I can get wrong
Gift me scaffolding to swing from

I've been going from Missionary into Foetal
Trace two lines about my body:
You have found the Axis Of Evil.
Track Name: Bracelet/Broach
You can see I'm smiling
I don't know how to do anything else
You can see I'm smiling
I've forgotten how to be myself

Get me on a train or a plane or a coach
You can wear me like a bracelet
You can wear me like a broach

I saw myself letting go.
Track Name: Thinning Out
Forgoing meals for beers and smokes
And to roll my eyes at my own jokes
To submerge myself into the shallows
To lead myself right up into the gallows

I'm thinning out
Thinning out for you: it's like you wanted me to

A diet of spirits and gum
Is a diet fit for no one
I didn't want to learn to do without
I didn't want to learn to live with doubt

I feel my spirit sinking
I feel my stomach shrinking.
Track Name: Midlife Pt. 1
Buying a leather jacket
I am shaving my head
I am wishing everyone happier than me dead

Feel like a perfect church with broken stained glass windows
And on those flaws are where all the attention goes

I've been feeling a strong sensation just to denounce it
I'm coming home for Christmas!
I'm going back to counselling!
It's a blood orange sky
It's just you and I

I wanna swap nights grappling dread
For mornings spent singing into showerheads
It gets better.
Track Name: Sober for the Last Time
Who could ever love these limbs of lead?
And who's gonna console me now that the vibrator's dead?

I haven't felt anything in months
That's why I drink, that's why I'm drunk

I claim that I'm coping
Fight my demons in the open
My defence's used up:
Bow my head, fill my cup.
Track Name: C'maaan Dude
The crowd sings:
'Stop being so sincere
Awh c'mon man, you're killing us here
You could've said yes to a few more things
You could've learned to pull on your own strings'

I can't make any promises but I can try
Feet on the ground
I'm ready for the high.

Oh c'maaan, c'maaan dude
This is not a competition
To be the single saddest person
In any given room

Orange hughes of warmth
Long strands of soothing talk:
They're not proof of a full heart
But they are a slow start
A slow start

I'm gonna drop the downbeat discourse
I'm gonna love at gale force.
Track Name: Our Forgotten Home
Life is short and shitty
Life is long and lonely
And I wanted to fill it full
Of people I love, people like you
But now our moment is so long past
It's like gnawing on a lost carcass

Our love:
A canary in a coalmine
I knew the end was coming
I just needed a sign

I've had visions of us:
Happy, alone
The children sleeping peacefully in our forgotten home
But now there are no notches left upon my belt
Damaged goods, they just can't repair themselves

That could've been our home
But now the plans have turned to dust
So I'll just leave it alone.
Track Name: Dance Like No One's Booing
I haven't got the time to be romantic anymore,
It's gonna be stones up at your window,
and bricks right through your door

Our dirty laundry,
Like trainers over telephone wire,
For the whole city to see,
It should've been just you and me

We'll get into real introspective moods,
because we're real introspective dudes

You can run away, erratic,
I'm done, nothing left to discuss,
It's fine - my balls are big enough for the both of us,
Why should I throw in my chips with someone I don't trust?

It should've been just you and me.
Track Name: When the Party's Over
I've been having this nightmare constantly,
When you smile and you snarl 'you're dead to me',
We embrace and we vine into a weird, warped effigy,
You and me

When the party's over, when we've lost the light
Would you lay us down somewhere dignified?

The ending of the union - shocking and beautiful,
Like two grown men locking eyes at the urinal

Through the vast swells of time we swim,
I let you down when you let me in,
Now I've left us dying on a whim.