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released May 8, 2017




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Matchfixers Bath, UK

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Track Name: Crushed Beneath
if you have forgiving friends: be humble, be thankful
as you turn to 'categorically violent' from 'a bit of a handful'
please don't join the dying breed marked 'alpha male'
it goes from a pint at the pub to a cold night in jail

a freeway got driven through the pasture
we grimace at the morning after
we'll all be crushed beneath the tide that you hide behind your teeth

waking up mummified in receipts from the bar
we were awkward children and that's a rough place to start
it doesn't have to be this way: your soul's still so beautiful
there's blood on your shirt - but you were so liked at school!

your mission, should you choose to accept it
is to get blind drunk and pray you get intercepted

you've come home with blood on your shirt again
you've come home.
Track Name: Shades of Blue
every time I crush on you I see
uncomfortable faces of extended family
wish I could be confident, wish I could breathe
but I am scared and I am wary

it's not black and white
it's shade of blue
but how can I explain that to you?

too intimidated to follow my desires
bide my time, hope this spark expires
falling in love along Brighton seafront
I still don't know what I want.
Track Name: You're Not There
the rooster proudly crowds yet he could never know
that this neighbourhood's set in melancholy rows
as we look to the seat of the swing; to the apples that you would bring
to the house that you once filled; where I heard you sing

it all seems so unfair - where do you go when you're not there?
despite all the joy, all the crosswords that you filled
the slow march of time still had you killed

all I can do is grimace with a baffled dismay at the photographs in the kitchen of your beaming face
I knew you in the before - will I meet you in the after?
did that closing casket really crush the love and the laughter?

I will carry you with me forever.
Track Name: (Don't) Make Me Slow Down
blagging smokes outside of the venue
looks like meat's back on the menu
these nights dim and then they shine anew
with my best blood red lipstick on I float through the night like a lily on the pond

get wasted, get destroyed
we're crying because we're overjoyed

sadness sways too easy
projecting flames onto the greenery
that which used to help me unwind
now make me want to die

don't make me slow down
this is my summer and this is my town
don't make me slow down
I'll swim through the night or I'll drown

it's all going our way so we'll put up a drunken barricade
we know what's good for us and we avoid it the plague
instead we'll spend our summer lawless
in coffee queues intercepting your orders.
Track Name: Delete Me, Baby
(for you - for me - for our collective sanity)
delete me baby
I've been acting like a dickhead lately
let the memory grow real hazy
my former self might save me

I was spilling onto the speakers
vaulting static shocks
shouting recycled phrases
until you told me to stop
I pushed cruel nonsense up out my throat
when we walked down to the water I felt like stones in your coat

took the beating warmth of our summer
cooled it to cold
left you with short days, slow songs, icy roads
poor boy, poor excuse
cut the head off the flower before it bloomed

you sigh and you reply:
'your actions don't phase me
all of you boys are babies
make a mess and then scream 'change me'
you know it drives me crazy'.
Track Name: 14 Christmases
my friends have been disappearing, sucked into the sky
my friends have been coming home with only the whites of their eyes
they needed someone to service their vice
I had a few contacts... I had a pregnant wife

14 Christmases
I didn't mean to do it but I did

born to a family that didn't care
and born to system that's gone and left me here

I peeled back the bloom of youth to find myself with another mediocre life
why would I value yours when I don't value mine?
you stood between me and home
I clutched the kitchen knife

you gave me no choice so I did.